Origin: HEL Finland

Genre: Jazz

Years Active: 2016 - Present

Label: Challenge Records International

Official Website:



Lithium is a a brand new collaboration between four gifted musicians and composers that combines determination, passionate young energy and years of experience all together. The music of Lithium thrives from various different genres all of which translates through the members Alexi Tuomarila, Andre Fernandes, Jonne Taavitsainen and Joonas Tuuri into a strong and unique sound.

"Red confirms not one, but many things – that jazz is still very much alive and being played at the highest level, that this universal language unifies us, and that it is possible to renew and maintain tradition in 2018."
Chico Pinheiro 



Challenge Records International


Management: New Arts Agency , Benelux 


Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherlands:

Rest of the world:

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